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Expiry Date: Nov-2027
Weight : 453g

Made in Itlay.


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• Manufacturer:
• Contents: 1 bag of 453gr
• Mixture: 30 ”
• Working time: 1’10 ”
• Time setting. 2’10 ”
• Permanence is oral cavity: 1 ‘
• Elastic Recovery: 99%
• Aroma: Fruit Flavor

Alginmax Alginate

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Weight 453 g


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E-Dental Mart presents to you Alginmax in our widest range of best quality impression materials. We have alginates from manufactures that are well-known and most preferred by dentists. Check out this Alginmax Alginate for dental impression at the most reasonable price. It is the most suitable impression material for your clinic. With long term shelf life and best working qualities Alginmax Major is perfect impression material. Some qualities that made alginmax the best alginate are superior tear strength and elasticity. You can now easily Buy Alginmax Alginate online in Pakistan.

Features Of Alginmax Alginate

Alginmax brings you the best quality alginate in fruity flavor and fragrance. This alginate has the quality of superior elasticity and tear resistance. Alginmax alginate is widely preferred by dentists because of its stabilized hypoallergenic formula. This alginate is based on high flow and easy mixing quality. With excellent biocompatibility alginmax major is dust free powder for safe working and cleaning. One of the most amazing brands of alginates brought to you by alginmax has excellent gypsum and compatibility with high compressive strength. It comes with a very convenient and easy mixing mechanism. Best alginmax major alginate gives the most accurate impressions. One pack of this alginmax contains 453 grams of high precision alginate. If you want to buy this alginate then order it online from our dental store and give your patients a nice experience. It provides you low working time with highest elastic recovery.

Packaging And Setting Time

Alginmax alginate comes in a safe package that is made with modified atmosphere packaging technology. It has a long shelf life of 6 years. Alginmax alginate gives the excellent dimensional stability which allows perfect casting impression. It works completely in a short time which gives ease and state of comfort to patients as well as dental professionals. From mixing to setting it takes a maximum 2 minutes.

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