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Barrier Envelopes: Product Introduction

Taking radiographs is an essential diagnostic tool. A radiograph can show you structures that are not visible clinically in the oral cavity. Furthermore, the radiograph is helpful in confirming the diagnosis of a particular lesion.

One kind of radiograph paraphernalia is the use of a digital sensor. This is more cost-effective because the radiograph will show up digitally. Furthermore, record keeping is easier as there is now a direct link to an online database.

The use of a digital sensor entails one phosphor plate that acts as the film to be inserted into the mouth of the patient. Then, the radiograph’s image will be digitally transported into the computer. 

To ensure cleanliness, sterility, and safety, you need to use barrier envelopes. The PSP barrier envelope is a simple tool that covers the phosphor plate prior to insertion in the mouth.

The barrier sleeves protect the plate from saliva and oral fluids. Aside from keeping it clean, you can ensure that it protects the phosphor sensor and makes it capable of long-time use.


Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelope: Product Details

The phosphor plate barrier envelope is available for sale at E-Dental Mart. The PSP barrier envelopes are sold in boxes containing 100 pieces. The dimensions of these are 3 inches by 4 inches.


Universal Barrier Sleeves with Easy-to-Use Design and Adhesive Strip

The digital sensor sleeves are indeed something that you need to have constantly in your clinic. Doing a lot of radiograph taking means that you need to have the digital sensor sleeves ready at all times.

These protection sheets are capable of fitting all sorts of phosphor plate brands. You get the phosphor plate barrier envelope that is snuggly fitting or slightly larger than the phosphor plate.

Hence, the size of the PSP barrier envelope will make it easy to slide over the radiograph phosphor plate. And it is also well-sealed inside!

The barrier sleeves have a reliable adhesive strip to keep the contained phosphor plate dry and free from oral fluids.


Best Barrier Envelope which is Sturdy Intraorally, Not Prone To Tearing, and Disposable

Furthermore, the best barrier envelope has the best quality. Its material is not prone to tearing.

Taking radiographs means that you inevitably put a bit of stress over the phosphor plate. So you need to protect it with a barrier sleeve that will not easily tear!

Take radiographs safely by using disposable barrier sleeves. Use one per patient and simply dispose of it after use.


Buy Barrier Envelopes Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

If you take radiographs with a digital x-ray machine, you need to buy barrier envelopes online in Pakistan.

This is very easy! All you need to do is browse it on E-Dental Mart. Add it to your cart, check out, and get ready to receive it shipped to your location.

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