Bulkfill Flowable Composite i-Dental

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2 reviews for Bulkfill Flowable Composite i-Dental

  1. emmialii71

    Should mention product weight. 4g samj ma order kiya 2 g nikala

    • csr7 csr7 (store manager)

      Sir/mam agr ap description open karain tu waha clearly sari details mention hain…

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Bulk-fill Flowable Composite i-Dental: Product Introduction

The composite filling material is one of the most widely accepted by patients. This filling material is very versatile and can be used in small, moderate, or large cavity lesions. Plus, composite offers the best esthetics because it has numerous shades that fit any tooth color.

Given the uses and acceptance of composite as a filling material for both anterior and posterior teeth, there are now many innovations in the composite. Now, you can get them in flowable forms injected into a cavity preparation!

This is the bulk-fill flowable composite i-dental. Bulk fill technologies have been developed to reduce the need to layer with traditional materials, whose clinical performance can decline due to polymerization shrinkage and poor curing. 

You can use this novel composite material by injecting it directly into a tooth cavity that is clean from decayed dentin and enamel. The best part is that you do not need to layer the material as it is made specifically for bulk filling. 

Light cure the material, and you are ready to trim the excess and polish the restoration.


Best Bulkfill Flowable Composite i-Dental: Product Details

E-Dental Mart offers you the best bulk-fill flowable composite i-dental. This product comes in shade A2. the flowable composite is in a syringe that can hold two grams of the product. Plus, you get three accurate dispensing tips. 


Superior Quality of Restorations With the Bulk-fill Flowable Composite i-Dental

Make restorations easier with the bulk-fill flowable composite i-dental. You do not have to sacrifice the quality of the restorations even with a faster method of filling.

A bulk-fill flowable restorative material has the physical strength to eliminate capping with typical composites thanks to a novel filler technology that is now used in flowable composite materials.

The completed restoration with this material can ensure your patient that they can return to their normal masticatory function, speech, and even aesthetics.


Easy-to-Dispense Packaging that is Precise and Ensures No Air Bubbles With the Best Bulk-fill Flowable Composite i-Dental

A new ergonomic syringe for bulk-fill flowable composite i-dental is available. It is made for better comfort and simpler injection. You may put objects precisely in deep restorations with greater control and sight.

The best bulk-fill flowable composite i-dental has a small syringe that makes sure that it fits well inside the oral cavity. Plus, each push of the plungers ensures no air bubble is inadvertently placed when doing the bulk filling.


Buy Bulk-fill Flowable Composite by i-Dental Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

This is a fantastic product to have with you! Buy bulk-fill flowable composite by i-dental online in Pakistan.

All you need to do is purchase this at E-Dental Mart. Get this flowable composite, plus all other dental items that you need for your clinic, here!

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