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Camphenol Plus: Product Introduction

Root canal therapy involves disinfection and removal of pathogenic microorganisms in the root canal system of the tooth involved. Aside from using endodontic files, this process is streamlined by the use of a disinfecting solution.

Camphenol Plus is the product that you need for every root canal procedure! The dental Camphenol Plus is indicated for single-rooted or multi-rooted teeth for endodontics. 

Furthermore, the product can be used along with hand-held or rotary endodontic files. The concentrated liquid of the product will not interfere with or tarnish the use of these files.

To use the product, all you need to do is place a drop or two of the solution onto the root canal that you are working on. Contact of the solution with the walls of the root canal will further boost its antiseptic effect.

The use of the product will help ensure that the periapical lesions due to a badly broken down tooth will resolve. Moreover, the recurrence of the disease is less likely as it is very effective in the removal of pathogenic microorganisms.


Dental Camphenol Plus: Product Details

The Dental Camphenol Plus comes in a dark-colored bottle. Each purchase will give you 20 milliliters of the product. As you only use a small drop per root canal treatment, the Camphenol Plus price can last you numerous endodontic treatments!

The primary ingredients of Camphenol Plus for root canal treatment include parachlorophenol, dexamethasone, thymol, and camphor. These are expertly formulated to make sure that they can disinfect and minimize inflammation.


Camphenol Plus for Root Canal Treatment: High-Level Disinfection and Anti-Inflammatory

The Camphenol Plus for root canal treatment contains camphor, chlorophenol, and thymol. The combination of these three major ingredients can provide high-quality properties for your endodontic treatment.

The chlorophenol component is the disinfecting chemical. This will ensure that the root canal will finish off as clean as possible. as the root canal becomes disinfected, inflammation will lessen and healing will take place.

Then, camphor and thymol have antiseptic properties that work hand in hand with the entire disinfection process.


Dental Camphenol Plus is Perfect for Infected Root Canals and Periapical Infections

Teeth indicated for root canals are expected to have been infested with microscopic pathogens. These are the primary culprit for dental problems like infection and periapical problems.

Using the dental Camphenol Plus can help resolve these problems. As the teeth heal faster, infection and periapical problems are sure to disappear as well.


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