Composite Polishing Paste (I Dental)

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Composite Polishing Paste i-Dental: Product Introduction

The contouring, finishing, and polishing processes are among the most crucial in bonded restorations like composite. Unfortunately, the correct sequence of polishing steps required to achieve optimum results is frequently overlooked. 

You need to use the composite polishing paste i-dental to make your composite restorations smoother and shinier!

A succession of finishing and polishing burs, discs, strips, and pastes must be used for thorough finishing and polishing. The long-term health and polishability of restorations are ensured by using suitable materials in the proper order. 

In many cases, the teeth will be left rough and vulnerable to plaque and discoloration if a step in this process is neglected. To start completing the restoration, either multi-fluted carbides or fine diamonds for gross contouring might be used.

By using the composite polishing paste i-dental, you can wrap up the entire placement of the composite. You also ensure that your patient is comfortable with the composite as it is adequately trimmed and polished.


Best Composite Polishing Paste i-Dental: Product Details

E-Dental Mart is a great online store to shop for the best composite polishing paste i-dental. The product is sold in a syringe material. You do not need to mix the product as all you need to do is dispense it directly over the composite restoration.

The composite polishing paste i-dental has four grams of the product and comes with one dispensing tip.


Quick Polishing is Done With The Best Composite Polishing Paste i-Dental

The best composite polishing paste i-dental will not disappoint! Polishing is much quicker when you use this product with your usual composite polishers.

The composite polisher contains a lot of abrasive and other substances that help make polishing quicker. The combination of the composition of the polisher makes it work harmoniously with a rotary polisher. 

The polishing paste adds an extra mechanical abrasion that will help you complete the polishing task faster.


Brilliant Shine Is Achieved For Smooth Restorations, Better Esthetics, and Good Patient Comfort with Composite Polishing Paste i-Dental

Speed is not the only advantage of the composite polishing paste i-dental. You also get visible results! 

Polishing composite is completed once verified by both visual and tactile senses. It would be best if you saw that the surface of the composite restoration has better shine and luster. Then, you also need to feel it. when no more irregularities and sharp edges remain, the composite restoration is fully polished!

The best composite polishing paste i-dental makes the shine last longer as well!


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