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Dental Floss Sticks

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  1. Dr. Nizam Bukhari

    Simply the best Dental Floss in market. Highly recommended to Dentists across the Globe.

    • E-Dental Mart (store manager)

      Thank you for appreciating our services Madam. We look forward to provide you even better services and products in future! ūüôā
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Do you find it difficult to floss with standard dental floss? E-Dental Mart presents you innovative and cool Dental Floss Sticks. Keeping your teeth clean and your breath fresh has now become easy with Dental Floss Picks. It is a small plastic tool with a curved end that holds a piece of dental floss and on the other end it features a small pick l that can be used instead of a normal toothpick. With this two in one flossing tool you can easily eat your favorite chicken and not worry about its chunks sticking in your teeth. E-Dental Mart offers you Best Dental Floss Picks to remove food and dental plaque between teeth. Buy Dental Floss Picks Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart in cute colors and amazing prices.

Why Dental Floss Sticks Are Better Than Floss Threads

Most people find it hard to floss their teeth with threads because it is difficult to use them in back teeth. Dental floss sticks are made up of plastic and pliable stems. It is a disposable small tool that holds a piece of floss which can slide between teeth. Best dental floss picks helps remove food remnants and prevent gum disease or bad breath. Available in cute different colors with toothpick and flossing both facilities dental floss picks are perfect for cleaning your teeth.

How To Use Dental Floss Sticks

It is so easy to use dental floss sticks. All you have to do is hold dental floss picks firmly between your thumb and index finger. You can clean teeth by using a gentle back and forth motion slide floss. You can move up and down against the tooth to clean above and below the gum line. Repeat these simple steps in every tooth to achieve perfect cleaning. Best dental floss picks available on E-Dental Mart are convenient to use household necessity. These best dental floss for braces can be ordered online at the most reasonable price.

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