Polishing Paste (Gelato)

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Brand : Gelato
Description : The 1.23% fluoride ion Gelato paste, Prophy Paste is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle enough on the enamel with minimal enamel loss.
Packing : 200 individiual cups , prophy ring
Non splatter formula
Flavor: Assorted
Grit: Medium
Manufacturing Region : USA

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2 reviews for Polishing Paste (Gelato)

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    ow many cups in it

    • E-Dental Mart

      E-Dental Mart (store manager)

      Ma’am, there are 200 paste cups in 1 box of Gelato Prophy Paste, along with the ring for convenience.

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Prophy Polishing Paste Gelato is a distinctive product for cleaning and polishing teeth. 

It is perfect for high luster polishing and stain removal.  This dental paste provides smooth and supple application. And it is soft on enamel which prevents enamel loss. Dental paste chosen by 80% dentists all over the world is now available at an affordable price on E-dental mart.   

What dental paste does?

 Tooth polishing paste helps to smooth and restore surfaces of teeth. The purpose of using dental paste is to remove extrinsic stains. It also helps in removal of plaque accumulation. Tooth polishing is done after debridement and before fluoride application. This USA made sodium fluoride dental paste is the best oral gel paste available in Pakistan for dental polishing 

Benefits of paste gelato:

  • It contains 1.23% APF with a unique mix of polishing and cleaning agents. It helps in removal of stains and plaques.
  • Prophy polish comes in different exciting flavors like bubble gum, mint, pina colada raspberry etc. 
  • All these great flavors with non-splatter formula make paste gelato the best tooth polishing paste.
  • Due to its paste consistency it is easy to apply.
  • One box of Prophy polishing paste gelato contains 200 cups.  
  • For convenience and easy application it comes with a ring.
  • And last but not least this amazing paste is gluten-free.
  • It is available in medium grit for easy removal of plaque, cleaning and polishing.
  • It is the most recommended composite dental paste for standard dental hygiene procedures.