HD Caine (local anesthesia catridges)

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Brand Name: HD Caine
Application: Dental Surgery

Premium Quality HD Caine Local Anesthesia Cartridges

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11 months 29 days ago

How many cartridges are there in one pkt?

csr7 csr7
1 month 18 days ago

There is 50 cartridges in 1 box


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With best products E-Dental Mart has all kinds of innovative assisting tools to make your experience in dentistry as good as ever. We have unique tools with unique designs to help you in different dental procedures. In our wide range of dental tools check out this amazing HD Caine available on our online dental store. HD Caine injection is a local anesthesia in cartridge form, the box has 50 cartridges of 1.8ml consisting of Lignocaine HCL 02% with Epinephrine (1;100,00). You can easily Buy HD Caine Local Anesthesia Cartridges Online in Pakistan. Visit our store for best ever measurement tools and order them online easily. We always care about the comfort and ease of dentists.

 Features Of HD Caine Local anesthesia cartridges

 HD caine local anesthesia cartridges are lignocaine HCL 02 percent with epinephrine. HD caine comes in a bottle of 1.8 ml. These local anesthesia cartridges come in unbreakable bottles with rubber stoppers, aluminum caps and diaphragms. These caps provide easy insertion to syringes. HD caine produces long duration effects. The pulpal anesthesia duration for HD caine is 60 minutes and for soft tissues is 180 to 240 minutes. HD caine local anesthesia provides dentists enough duration to easily perform their procedure without and hindrance. E-Dental Mart Provides you best ever HD caine local anesthetic cartridge at an amazing price. You get 10 bottles per one pack of HD caine

Possible effects of HD Cain Local Anesthesia Cartridge

Clinicians should make sure that there is no large bubble in the HD cain cartridge because that can indicate freezing. Burning on injections indicates that disinfectant solution is leaking into the cartridge so after injecting HD caine patients should be asked for any burns. Leakage of solution should be carefully checked. A crack in cartridge can be a result from shipping but E-Dental Mart provides you best shipping experience with all products intact. 

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