Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Expiry Date : 07-2024
Weight : 3 gram

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Muhammad Ahsen Saeed
1 year 11 months ago

Bleaching tray included?

csr7 csr7
1 year 11 months ago

It will be only the medicine not with tray sir


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Weight 3 g


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Expiry date :04-2023

Teeth Whitening Kit: Product Introduction

A teeth stain remover is a common need of patients. Teeth stain happens normally, but some patients find it unesthetic. You need to provide your patients with home-case options, or teeth stain removers to help alleviate their worries.

A teeth whitening kit can be a common prescription for patients who want a whiter smile. As a dentist, you need to know what brand to tell your patients. Plus, you need to teach your patients well on how to use the product.

Many patients can use the home teeth whitening kit in the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is inject the whitening gel onto their trays and let it sit for a few seconds in their teeth.

Consistent use of the teeth whitening at home is proven to give satisfactory results to patients. This product is especially useful for patients who need to have pearly white teeth for their work or to boost their self-esteem.


Teeth Whitening At Home: Product Details

You can buy teeth whitening kit to help your patients get consistent access to a reliable whitening product. 

The teeth whitening at home comes in a syringe filled with active components for whitening teeth and removing stains. It comes in easy-to-apply packaging and is ready for application!


Buy Home Teeth Whitening Kit That Is Easy To Use and Effective

The Home teeth whitening kit from E-Dental Mart is easy to use and effective. The primary consideration for these kinds of products is that you must ensure that your patients use them correctly.

Sometimes, the product has the best composition. However, patients cannot maximize it because they cannot use the product correctly due to technique sensitivity.

Fortunately, the teeth whitening kit is easy to use. The user will not need to have problems mixing it because it comes ready to use.

Also, the teeth whitening at home is effective. Given consistent use, changes in the shade of teeth are noticeable as early as seven days.


Get the Best Results with the Best Teeth Whitening Kit Online

Many problems arise with home care products. But this will not be a problem with the best teeth whitening kit online.

You can let your patients see the fruit of their labor in making their teeth whiter with the best teeth whitening kit online.


Buy Teeth Whitening Products Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

If you always encounter patients who want to have their teeth whitened, you need to refer them to this product. Ask them to buy teeth whitening products online in Pakistan.

At E-Dental Mart, you can give your patients a teeth whitening kit. Plus, you can also give them other products for their dental needs. Buy here now and enjoy quick shipping and a hassle-free shopping experience.