IQ Alginate (Lascod)

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Expiry Date: Sep-2027

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Faisal syed
1 year 21 days ago

Iam not a doctor need for hobby . To cast different items. I sthis right product for casting impressions.

csr7 csr7
1 year 21 days ago

Yes sir it’s perfect for casting

7 months 19 days ago

Expiry or shelf life ?

csr7 csr7
7 months 16 days ago

Sir Expiry Date is : Mar-2027


2 reviews for IQ Alginate (Lascod)

  1. mansoor shah

    is tropical flavour available?

    • csr7 csr7 (store manager)

      yes available

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Lascod IQ Alginate: Product Introduction

Impression taking is a crucial step for some dental procedures. You need to make sure that you have accurate impression materials for the task.

You can use Lascod IQ alginate for your impression-taking. You can mix the IQ alginate for elastic impression powder in equal parts water. Then, load it in an impression tray after mixing. Place the impression in the mouth of the patient and remove it once fully set.

The IQ alginate with chromatic paste indicator will help you get accurate impressions for prosthodontic procedures, orthodontic casts, and indirect restorations. 

You can use IQ alginate for elastic impression to make accurate oral cavity copies. Once you have an acceptable impression, you can pour it with dental stone, plaster, or die stone and have the procedure ready.

Make the best fitting restorations, onlays, inlays, crowns, or bridges with the impressions taken with Lascod IQ alginate.


IQ Chrome Alginate: Product Details

Fortunately, E-Dental Mart has the IQ chrome alginate ready for your purchase. Buy IQ alginate in packs of 450 grams of powder. You can choose from chrom mint flavor and tropical mango flavor. 


Easy To Use IQ Alginate With Chromatic Paste Indicator

Buy IQ alginate so that you can get the most out of the ease of use of the product. Alginate impression material is very straightforward to use, and you only need a simple set of instruments.

To use the Lascod IQ alginate, you only need a rubber mixing bowl, a plastic spatula, and your choice of perforated impression trays. Skip the expensive mixing guns and hard-to-use mixing pads!

Also, the IQ chrome alginate has a quick setting time. This will give better comfort to the patients because they will only need to have the impression material inside their mouth shortly.


Superior Tear Strength and Minimal Impression Distortion with the Lascod IQ Alginate

Alginate is a hydrocolloid that is elastic and irreversible for use in impressions. Indirect restorations are not possible without irreversible hydrocolloid imprints. 

One of the most used dental materials is the Lascod IQ alginate, and alginate impressions are a quick, affordable, and necessary component of dental work.

The Lascod IQ alginate is made with the best quality hydrocolloid component. You get superior properties with this product. Once the product sets, you get a relatively stable material! Furthermore, the IQ alginate with chromatic paste indicator can easily wet the surfaces in the oral cavity so that it can capture all details needed.


Buy Lascod IQ Chrom Dental Alginate Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Taking impressions is indispensable in the dental field. You need to buy Lascod IQ chrom dental alginate online in Pakistan.

Make shopping for dental materials easier by doing it online at E-Dental Mart! Do you need more dental products for your clinics? Browse the available products here and get them for your needs.

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