Latex Gloves

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Manufactured in April 2020

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Premium Quality Latex Gloves in Pakistan!

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AoA sir, ap k pass Temporary Crown Fixing ka laya tube ha kia ?



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 latex glove is a glove made out of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Its primary purpose is protection of hands while performing tasks involving chemicals. We offer you the best premium quality Latex Gloves available on our online dental store. Used in so many procedures in medical settings latex gloves are most important for the protection of hands and prevention of cross-infection. We have the Premium Quality Latex Gloves that offer great protection properties. You can Buy Latex Gloves Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart with easy and without any hassle.

Features Of Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are a type of disposable medical gloves. It is made up of 100 percent latex and used for a range of domestic and industrial tasks. Premium quality latex gloves are made up of extremely durable and provide a great barrier against most chemical solutions. They offer great protection and are much stronger and thicker other than disposable safety gloves. They offer protection against leakage and working in wet conditions. They are resistant to so many chemicals like acids and alkalis. They are the safest gloves that provide protection from tear and puncture. They are used in cleanliness in medical environments.

Benefits Of Latex Gloves 

We have the premium quality latex gloves available on E-Dental Mart for buying online. You can easily buy the best quality latex gloves from our store online in Pakistan. Due to the varying thickness of these gloves, cuff lengths and textures they are used by surgeons, catering professions, care workers and especially dentists. They provide a snug fit to your hand whilst allowing great dexterity to perform intricate and precise tasks. The premium latex gloves provide great strength. They are used in a range of different procedures making them versatile disposable gloves. They are the safest gloves to prevent cross-infection as well as from any chemicals or harmful working materials for your hands. 


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