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Multi Function Endo Files Sterilization Box

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Multi Function Endo Files Sterilization Box is a product you can use as file storage, sterilizing box, and an endodontic ruler. This product is made up of plastic and is autoclavable. In addition to the storage component of this product, you get to have a measuring ruler for your files, gutta percha, or paper points.



The size and simplicity of endodontic tools make them susceptible to damage. It is also very easy to lose or misplace these files also due to their size. To address this, you need a Multifunction Instruments Box for your dental files!

The Multifunction Endo Box is a 3 in 1 item. You can sterilize your files in batches with this product. Moreover, you can utilize the calibrated endodontic ruler for your treatment. Lastly, you can use this to store your files.



One of the best items is those which serve you many purposes. Not only do you get to have less clutter in your clinic, but you also maximize your money’s worth. The Multipurpose Endo Box’s main advantage is its flexible use.

In addition, the Endo Files Sterilization Box can be autoclaved at 135 degrees Celsius. This temperature is sufficient for eliminating all microorganism in your files, so they are sure to prevent contamination and re-infection in your root canal treatment.

Furthermore, the Dental Instruments Multifunction Box is made of rigid plastic which can withstand forces and is sure to last you a long time.


WHY CHOOSE Multi Function Endo Files Sterilization Box

A Multipurpose Dental Endo Box is one of the best choices if you are looking for a sterilization box, files container, and endodontic ruler in one product. If you want this high-quality Multi Function Endo Files Sterilization Box, you can buy it online in Pakistan. Check out E-Dental Mart online and see this product for yourself.

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