Ormadent Major (Condensation Silicone Putty)

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7 months 13 days ago

what is the material of this putty ? is this transparent?

csr7 csr7
7 months 13 days ago

Sorry mam it’s not transparent



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Ormadent Putty: Product Introduction

Impression materials are important dental items in the dental clinic. Given the novel innovations in the creation of dental materials, you have a lot of options for impression materials. However, you need to be prudent in knowing which is best used for a particular patient.

One way to determine the kind of impression material to use is to establish your goals in the procedure. If you want to get accurate copies of the oral cavity of the patient and have a material with a decent working time, choose the Ormadent condensation silicone putty.

The Ormadent putty is a condensation putty that is polysiloxane based. Because of the high consistency of the Ormadent condensation silicone putty, you can make good preliminary impressions for diagnostic purposes.

You can use the Ormadent major condensation putty in the double impression technique. First, you will use the high consistency putty at the initial placement. After the initial set, you will place the low consistency putty to ensure that all fine details are accurately recorded.

Similarly, the Ormadent major condensation putty can be used on its own as a putty index for temporary restoration fabrication.


Ormadent C-Silicone Impression Material: Product Details

You can get your own Ormadent C-silicone impression material from E-Dental Mart. The high viscosity putty is perfect for use in prosthodontics, orthodontics, and doing all sorts of restorations.


Stable and High Flow Ormadent Major Condensation Silicone Putty

The Ormadent major condensation silicone putty is an impression material of choice because of its stability and high flow.

Firstly, the impression putty is very stable. Once set, it retains its accurate recording of the teeth and soft tissue structures. Since you get a stable material, pouring the impression taken to become a cast will give you an accurate outcome! Also, the Ormadent major condensation silicone putty is tear resistant and has high compressive strength, allowing it to resist deformation.

Furthermore, the stability of the Ormadent putty is paired with the high flow of the material. This means that you can copy the structures better and arrive at the best quality of impression from the patient.


Easy to Use and Reasonable Setting and Working Time with the Ormadent Major Condensation Putty

The impression material is also very easy to use! Enjoy an easier time with manipulation of the product. You should mix the putty for 35 seconds and its minimum setting time, when placed inside the mouth, is at least three minutes.


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