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Right lower 1st molar, Left lower 1st molar, Left upper 1st molar, Right upper central incisor, Right lower 2nd pre-molar, Left upper central incisor, Left upper 2nd pre-molar, Left lower 2nd pre molar, Right upper 1st molar, Right upper canine, Right upper 2nd pre molar


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Phantom Teeth is an acrylic molded replica of teeth that can be used for practicing different dental procedures. This product is perfect for students or dentists who would like to explore novel dental techniques.



Practice is essential to improve your skills as a dentist. There are many different ways of practicing various dental techniques before doing it in the patient’s mouth. One of these is doing simulated exercises on teeth models.

The Phantom Teeth is one of the best items to be used for this task. You can improve your skills in doing cavity preparations or bridge and crown tooth reductions on these model teeth. If you buy practice teeth online in Pakistan, you can choose from different teeth that fit your practice needs. 

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The main feature of the Practice Teeth is that its consistency and anatomy are very similar to that of natural teeth. Therefore, you can get the best simulation of practicing on an actual tooth. 

Moreover, the Phantom Teeth can be inserted in a phantom jaw to get a feeling of what it is like doing it in the mouth of the patient. If you buy the Phantom Teeth, you can get to use it with other simulation dental equipment.



If you want to improve your skills in doing various dental procedures but would like to practice in models safely, the Phantom Teeth is the product for you. This product will help you get the closest feel with working on actual patients with its very realistic tooth anatomy and consistency.

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