Root Extraction Screw

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Root Extraction Screw: Product Introduction

There are instances where the teeth to be extracted lack the coronal structure of the tooth. This may be due to the tooth being badly broken down with cavities. Or, it is possible to encounter mishaps when extracting teeth such that the root is inadvertently fractured off. 

Most of the time, you need to use the coronal tooth structure as anchorage when extracting teeth. However, if it is missing, you need to be creative in trying to extract the bits of root tips left in the alveolar bone. 

Hence, you need the root extraction screw. This is a small metal instrument that makes it possible to engage the root left in the socket.

The root extraction posterior screw is used by engaging it within the root canal of the root with a screw-like device. Then, with the anchorage, you can exert a simple rocking motion to elevate the tooth out of the socket. Furthermore, the root extraction posterior screw is best for use in posterior teeth, given its small size.


Non-Flex Root Extraction Screw: Product Details

The non-flex root extraction screw is a small instrument with screw-like ends the sharp threads that engage the root to be extracted. You also get a small but gripped handle that allows precise turning of the instrument even at the most posterior segments.


Root Extractor Screw: Perfect For Any Root Anatomy With Its High-Quality Design 

The root extractor screw has a very small build, but this does not mean that it will not get the job done! The non-flex root extraction screw can engage its flutes with any root tip size.

What makes the instrument perfect for use is all thanks to its design. Firstly, the root extraction screw short handle makes it usable for posterior teeth. 

Also, the flutes of the root extractor screw are made with high-quality metal. It has adequate sharpness that allows it to dig into the dentin of the root and grasp it for further elevation.


Autoclavable and Easy to Use Root Extraction Screw Short Handle

Extracting teeth is an invasive procedure, and you need to make sure that the instruments you use have been thoroughly sterilized. The root extraction screw short handle is made with metal that can withstand the intense heat of a steam autoclave.

Furthermore, the root extraction screw is very easy to use. It does not need complicated instruments set to make it work! Make root extractions easier with this instrument.


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