Slow Speed Hand Piece UF Dent

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Slow speed Hand piece is hand held dental equipment usually air driven designed to work at slower speeds. It works on mechanical rotational force which powers the cutting instruments. Usually dental hand pieces works for dental burrs. Slow speed dental hand pieces are used for removing decays, polishing filling etc. mainly a speed decreasing hand piece is used for endodontic canal preparation, implant placement and prophylaxis. Need a slow hand piece that works perfectly for trimming prosthetic and implant prophylaxis? E-Dental Mart brings amazing sale on all products for limited time. So don’t wait to grab UF dental hand piece in lowest price and trusted quality of the best online dental store in Pakistan.

Working Of Low Hand Piece

Slow speed hand piece works in the similar way as high speed drills. Main difference is they use latch grip burr instead of friction grip burrs. At the back end of hand piece an airline is attached. When air is introduced in UF dental hand piece it’s forced over the vanes of which causes it to spin. And finally air is forced out through back and exhaust port.

Features And Function:

Slow hand piece available on E-Dental Mart is made up stainless 100% rust free steel. This best quality Hand piece available in Lahore is designed to handle much more air pressure than high speed hand pieces. It has low speed motors without gear reductions running at 40 PSI at approximately 20,000 rpm. If maintained properly slow speed hand piece UF dent available on E-Dental Mart online store will have long life span.

Here you can find decreased Speed dental drill in two different tubing configurations. Both 2 holes and 4 holes tubing are available.

They work at significantly lower speeds than high speed drill so there is no need of cooling the tooth with air and water spray before procedures.