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T Pro Rotary Protaper

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  • Variable Taper Design, favor to respect the root canal anatomy.
  • SUPER FLEXI : Ideal flexibility after heat activation treatment (Heat Activation CM-Wire).
  • Zero Breakage Risk!
  • Perfectly secure round pointed end.
  • High Fracture Resistance.
  • Improved Accessibility to teeth via a preferred shorter handle.

Place of origin : China
Application : Root Canal Treatment
Brand : E-Dental Mart
Length : 21mm, 25mm
Sizes For 21mm : #15-40 (Assorted)
Sizes For 25mm : #15-40 (Assorted)
Certification : FDA
Material : Medical Grade Nickel Titanium, Niti Memory Alloy
Sterilization : Maximum recommended temperature of Sterilization is 150C
Packaging : 6 files / box

• E-Dental Mart’s Endodontic Rotary Files are made up of the Highest Quality Medical Grade NITI Alloy and are hence have zero breakage risk
• Maximum Flexibility as per Heat Activation Function.
• Accommodate multiple canal anatomies with different files sizes
• Improved resistance for cyclic fatigue hence providing safer experience

– E-Dental Mart’s Endodontic Rotary File System is being manufactured under an extremely strict Quality Control System.
– Our all Rotary Files go through IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) and OQC (Out-Going Quality Control) procedures before they get out of the manufacturing facility.

– Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
– Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
– Bulk Order : Delivery time may vary as per quantity of order.

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21mm, 25mm


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R Shaper Rotary File is a rotary endodontic file specifically designed to clean previously treated teeth. The R Shaper Super Flexi Heat activated Rotary files are designed to remove previously placed filling material to facilitate cleaning and subsequent obturation.


Uses of R Shaper Rotary Files (Super Flexi & Heat Activation Files)

In endodontic retreatment, you will encounter some difficulty in removing previously placed filling material. You need to remove them to put a better one for the tooth and surrounding structures to heal. For this concern, you would surely need to buy Super Flexi Heat Activated R Shaper Files.

The Endo R Shaper is a rotary instrument designed to remove filling materials. It is very simple to use, and removal of any filling materials will be easy. When used, the R Endo Files can clean the canals and obturation with your preferred method or technique.


Features Of Endo R Shaper (R Endo Files)

The R Shaper Rotary Heat Activation Files can be attached to a low handpiece with an ideal RPM of 300. This product has a unique rotary movement to grasp onto the previously placed filling material to facilitate removal. 

With these endodontic files, all you need to do is follow the protocol laid out on file succession. With this, you can efficiently do your task.

A vital feature of the Endo R Shaper would be its ability to follow the initial canal path. You can avoid apical transportation or ledging since the files have noncutting tips. In addition, results with these files are reproducible.


Why Choose R Shaper Endo Rotary Files (Super Flexi & Heat Activation R Files)

The Endo R Shaper Super Flexi Heat Activated Rotary File is a handy tool, especially if you are having difficulty in endodontic retreatment. Having a file system designed for the removal of a previously placed root canal is very important. With this, you can also do parietal cleaning to re-obturate the tooth again.

If you are interested, you can buy the Best Quality R Shaper Online in Pakistan. Check them out on E-Dental Mart along with other good quality endodontic tools.

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