Temporary Crowns

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Premium Quality Temporary Crowns

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how many crowns are there ?

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abdul there is 60+ crowns in Temporary Crowns box


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Temporary Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that protect a natural tooth. Check out these amazing Teeth Caps available on E-Dental Mart. Our online dental store is perfect for all kinds of dental and medical products available at the best quality and reasonable price. These Veneer Caps are perfect for protecting your exposed tooth until a permanent crown is made. You can Buy Temporary Crowns Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart. We cater to the needs of dental professionals by providing those tools with best working efficiency. Our basic concern is providing your product reasonably with no compromise on quality. All dentists look for products that could benefit their patients most. E-Dental Mart has all such kinds of products to give you and your patients a nice experience.

Why Temporary Crowns Are Needed

Temporary crowns are used when patients require permanent tooth caps so until it’s made they are used as protective temporary covering. A temporary crown is used to protect implant sites and gums when they are exposed from damage. While your permanent crown is being made veener caps will allow patients to have a complete smile without a tooth gap. It also limits tooth and gum sensitivity by covering them. It maintains proper spacing between your teeth and helps you to chew and eat easily. Though a temporary tooth cap requires extra care, they will keep your teeth protected from unnecessary damage.

Features Of Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are small plastic devices that will protect your teeth. They are available in premium quality on E-Dental Mart. The shape and color of the teeth cap will be quite similar to your teeth. Temporary tooth caps come in an easy to store box. These are prefabricated crowns made from soft plastic.

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