Topical Anesthetic Gel (I-Dental)

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Flavor : Cherry
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Expiry Date : Feb-2024

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Topical Anesthetic Gel: Product Introduction

You need to ensure that the patient gets the most comfortable time when having their dental procedures. By working on pain relief during procedures, your patients will be more confident in their next appointments.

Use the topical anesthetic gel to alleviate any worries and doubts with your patients. This product is a simple medication that is applied prior to the application of local anesthesia.

To use the topical anesthetic, you can use a cotton swab to dab a small amount of the gel on the site. Since this is a topical anesthetic gel, the product will only be effective on the tissue where it is applied.

Furthermore, the topical anesthetic will block superficial sensation on the soft tissue in just a few seconds.

The anesthetic gel can be used on its own or prior to local anesthetic injections. The anesthetic tooth gel can be used on its own when relieving discomfort from impression taking and radiograph taking,


Topical Anesthetic Gel i-Dental: Product Details

The topical anesthetic from E-Dental Mart is composed of 20% benzocaine. This has a cherry taste and is sold in ready-to-apply tubs filled with 30 grams of the product.

All you need to do is apply directly from the product packaging, and the patient is ready for their anesthetic.


Use the Anesthetic Gel For Painless Dental Procedures

Dental procedures are sometimes accompanied by a certain level of discomfort for the patient. And since patients have different pain thresholds, it is your duty as the dentist to mitigate any concerns they have with pain.

You can use the anesthetic gel if you want painless dental procedures for your patients. With the anesthetic gel used alone or in conjunction with a local anesthetic injection, you can ensure a pain-free experience.

Furthermore, the anesthetic tooth gel helps you deliver a local injection very painlessly. Some patients may complain about the administration of local anesthesia. So, to prevent needle discomfort, the anesthetic gel will prevent the sensation on the superficial mucosa that will be punctured by the needle initially.


Anesthetic Tooth Gel Which Is Fast Acting

Aside from being effective, you need an anesthetic tooth gel made to be a fast-acting product.

The anesthetic tooth gel can work within a few minutes when it is applied. Because of this, you can easily get the procedure done quickly. This is needed when patients are very anxious. Getting their treatment done quickly is a way to make them have less worries!


Buy Topical Anesthetic Gel Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Doing lots of oral surgery, scaling and polishing, and other hypersensitive procedures means that some form of intervention on the sensitivity of teeth is needed.

Buy topical anesthetic gel online in Pakistan by buying it at E-Dental Mart! If you want high-quality dental products and quick shipping of your items to your location, E-Dental Mart is the virtual store for you.