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H-Files (Stainless Steel)

PKR 440 PKR 330


  • Heat tempered & Highest Grade Medical Stainless Steel for stiff performance.
  • Coded with 'mm' Markings for convenience of the Dentist.
  • Color coded for easy instrument identification.
  • Pre-Applied Silicone Stoppers are present.
  • Exceeds All ISO Specifications.
  • E-Dental Mart H-Files are as per Export Quality Standards and are used by Dentists all across the globe.

H-Files (Stainless Steel)

Place of origin : China
Application : Root Canal Treatment
Brand : E-Dental Mart
Length : 21mm, 25mm
Sizes : 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 15-40
Certification : FDA
Material : Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Cross section : Round
Sterilization : Maximum recommended temperature of Sterilization is 150 C
Packing : 6 files per box


• E-Dental Mart’s all Endodontic Files are made up of the Highest Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel and are hence more effective.
• Designed to easily clean out the dentin and make root canals smooth.
• Easy-grip handle conveys tactile feedback and allows operator to feel canal anatomy and identify resistance to apical advancement.
• Usage of Endodontic Files is essentially for widening after passage of the K-File of the same number and for evacuating debris and organic tissue.


E-Dental Mart’s H-Files are being manufactured under an extremely strict Quality Control System. All H Files go through IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) and OQC (Out-Going Quality Control) procedures before they get out of the manufacturing facility.

Delivery :

– Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
– Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
– Bulk Order : Delivery time may vary as per quantity of order.

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21mm, 25mm


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