Mixing Pad

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50 sheets per pad.
Package include: 1 Pad only.

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Mixing Pads: Product Introduction

Many dental materials need to be mixed prior to use. Usually, these are cement and impression materials. You need a surface where you can incorporate the two components of dental material and deliver its duty to your dental procedure.

One of the disposables that you need for your clinic is the mixing pads. Mixing pads are a set of specialized film-coated paper that can be a surface for mixing different dental products.

You can use a sheet of mixing pads for dental cements, luting agents, impression paste, resin-based composite, and silicate materials.

The dental mixing pads are the surface of choice if you need to do hand mixing of dental materials. With the mixing pads, you can use a plastic or metal spatula to mix the dental product together.

Furthermore, you can achieve a wide range of consistency with disposable dental mixing pads. You can achieve a fluid-luting consistency with the pad. Or you can make a more viscous mix like that needed for a dental base. 

Then, as you mix on the pad, you can easily tear it off for disposal. Use the next sheet on the pad for your next mixing.


Dental Mixing Pads: Product Details

The dental mixing pads from E-Dental Mart provide you with 50 sheets of paper per pad. The dimension of the pad is 7.4 centimeters by 7.1 centimeters. Plus, each pad is 0.9 centimeters thick. 


High-Quality Disposable Dental Mixing Pads Compatible with Many Dental Materials

First, you get high-quality disposable dental mixing pads with your purchase at E-Dental Mart. What makes this product top quality?

The disposable dental mixing pads are compatible with many dental materials. Paste products, powder, and even liquid can be mixed here without affecting the property of the product.

Furthermore, the dental mixing pads are made with high-quality paper fibers that will allow you to spatulate, mix, and knead products on their surface.


Tear-Resistant and Film-Coated Dental Material Mixing Pads

The mixing pads for dental cements and other materials with a liquid component are perfect because the dental mixing pads will not absorb the product due to their film-coated surface.

Using the dental material mixing pads is an easy procedure because it is tear resistant. You can mix well here without worrying about breaking the pad.

Furthermore, the surface of the mixing pad is film-coated. So, it is waterproof and will not absorb the liquid on the material to be mixed.


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